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Frequently Asked Questions:

Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP)

1. Can I receive help with my energy bills?
You may be eligible to receive help with your energy bills. Marylandís Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) at DCDSS has several programs that can assist low-income families with energy costs. The Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) helps low-income families with the cost of home heating. Marylandís Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) helps low-income families by paying a part of their electric bill each month. OHEP also has a weatherization program.
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2. What are the income guidelines?
Below are the brochures that include the income guidelines for OHEP programs. Eligibility for OHEP programs is based on the gross monthly income for the entire household. Gross monthly income is the income received before taxes are subtracted. (Effective July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017)
English version of brochure / Spanish version of brochure

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3. How can I apply for Energy Assistance?
Call the DCDSS Home Energy Program at 410-901-4100 to request an application or you may download and print the application click here for English / here for Spanish
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4. What information will Energy Assistance need?
  1. Proof of identity, citizenship, and residency.
  2. Social Security cards for the entire household (including children).
  3. Proof of your total household income for the last 30 days. Documented proof includes: Pay stubs, Benefit letters from the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, Unemployment Insurance Program, or Social Services Administration, and Pension information.
  4. The name of your heating supplier and electric company and your account number. Provide a copy of your gas and electric bill.
  5. Proof that you rent (lease or rent receipt). If you own your home, provide a copy of your homeowners tax bill.
Mail the application with the documentation to:
DCDSS Home Energy Program
627 Race St.
PO Box 217
Cambridge, MD 21613

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5. Do I have to wait until I receive a termination notice or a disconnect notice?
NO! The Office of Home Energy Programs are not emergency programs. You should apply before you have an energy emergency.

If you have an energy emergency such as a termination or disconnect notice, call 410-901-4100 for instructions.

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6. Will the Home Energy Program pay my entire bill?
NO! You must continue to pay your bill. Grants from the Home Energy Program are sent directly to your electric company, utility, or fuel vendor. You must pay any portion of the bill not covered by these grants.
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7. What if I am over-income for this program?
Households with energy emergencies such as terminations or disconnect notices or a lack of heat may apply for emergency funds. Emergency funds are only available when the family has exhausted all other available resources. Emergency funds cannot be accessed on a regular basis and the applicant may be required to complete budget counseling and to pay part of the bill. Emergency funds are not always available.
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8. What if I need more information or have a question?
Call 410-901-4100.
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